Thursday, March 08, 2018

One Year journey.


Long time no talk huh. I know it's been a while, I'm too busy with my life. A lot has happened within a year journey as a wife, and for us, as a husband & wife.

You guys know what? I'm pregnant!
Successfully pregnant around May 2017 after 3 months marriage and tada.!
It's too soon actually from my actual planning of life.
But who knows,
Allah's the better planner. Allah's the Greatest.
So I'm accepting it as my husband was really thrilled by the news.
Of course he does.
He's the one who was keep talking about having a child.
Without long thinking. (I mean about the expenses and preparation of ourselves to be the parents)
But what the hack, Allah says just keep going and there's another blessing of getting a child.
Another blessing.
We believe in that, and we know Allah will help us.

Having a husband is not the same with having a boyfriend.
I will not talking about having a boyfriend,
but having a husband? Urm,
Getting attached is something that not everyone knows if they're well prepared, or not.
Worse case scenarios would be cutting the attachment and breath freely.
Getting attached means that you'll put your expectation higher than before to your partner.
Same goes to your partner, they'll of course expect you to be just like they want.
Thus, communication and sometimes an arguments, help.
Even we are friends for almost 7 years, an argument is there.
Realize it or not.
But what happen when an argument takes place in a marriage?
They'll still find each other in the end and apologize.
They'll still hugging and kissing because both knows that both were wrong.
And believe it or not, they both will find the love grows double than usual after an arguments.
So, arguments isn't wrong, but the way you handle the scene, is leading you to the next chapter.

Oh yeah, too far from the one year journey title of my blog.
Actually I'm here to share bout my one year anniversary.
Well, I know no one's here to read the anniversary of other people.
So yeah, happy anniversary to me and my husband on 1st Jan 2018.
And my due date will be 21st Jan.
(I'll absolutely share the story of my pregnancy journey till birth, of course!)

So on our 1st anniversary.:

I was thinking and planning to celebrate the one year of halal-relationship with the abroad holiday.
But, I can't proceed the plan looking at my tummy. It was counting weeks.
So I have decided to just bought my husband a GoPro.
Since he was recently excited in recording his journey with his bike.
Since he was recently excited in editing those videos he makes and upload it to Youtube.
Since he was recently excited to invite all friends subscribe to his channel and watch his bike vids.
Bought the GoPro Session 5, (cause I found GoPro 5 is out of my budget, hurr hurr) I hope he likes it since the adv showing the bike-men using the session 5 in riding. So, suitable la kot for him I think.
And yeah he loves it.

He was doing something for me as well.
Before getting the present from me.
Which I was like wow. He planning in making a surprise for me?
This is madness.
Okay so we went to this one steak restaurant, with the love balloons and romantic table decoration, (as he ordered it).
Malu sikit since it was not a candle light dinner.
Eh, it was.
Except with the bright environment.
Wtv it is, thanks dear husband <3 p="">
To the boring pregnancy journey story we go!